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How To: Cook With Your Car
June 22, 2010, 9:34 am
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The way to any woman’s heart is through her car engine. Er, stomach. Whatever. Either way, you can woo your lady or save time during your commute by cooking with your car. Yes, with. Not in, or on, or near, but in fact by using the heat that your car produces from driving.

The key is to discover the temperatures of the various metal bits under your car’s hood, which you can do by poking around after a drive. Then, match these up with your usual recipes – the hotter parts of the engine perhaps for red meat, the cooler parts for fish or for slow-cooking recipes. And the final ingredient is aluminum foil. Lots of aluminum foil. Enough foil to wrap the hell out of your food, and then wrap it again, and then wrap it some more for fun, and finally wrap it to make sure it’s firmly wedged against the closed car hood.

Ok, so it’s not terribly practical. But it would certainly be fun to try on a road trip, and imagine showing up to work every morning and taking out some freshly cooked bacon and toast.

Read more about it here, or buy the authoritative guide on the subject: Manifold Destiny


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