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June 11, 2010, 11:13 am
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Ah swimwear, the eternal summer scourge of the butch world. Of course, board shorts are a natural. They come in almost infinite lengths and sizes, so you can butch or femme it up, whatever you desire. But what to wear on top?

There’s a new post up at After Ellen about possible swimwear options and combinations for those of us who shun thongs. It mentions options such as a one piece under your shorts or a tankini, but personally I don’t like either of these options. There are a (very) few tankinis that aren’t super feminine, but in general they’re cut to accentuate chest and hips. And personally, this is not what I’m going for. One-piece suits are alright, but they make me feel like I should be off at a race somewhere.

Personally, I wear an adequate-coverage bikini top. It’s not a great solution, but I figure my white-ass tummy doesn’t see the sun often, so I should give my torso a chance to catch up to my super-tan arms every once in a while. So if you’d rather show your midsection and don’t mind (begrudgingly) acknowledging your chest, a sports-bra or halter-top style bikini top can provide a little more coverage.

However, when it comes to real swim wear the consensus in the butch fashion world seems to be rashguards. These are basically quick-drying shirts made to go in the water. They were originally designed for surfers, to prevent board rash and provide insulation in colder water, but they’ve also been adopted by swimmers who want more coverage or UV protection. And they have the added benifit of being able to wear a sports bra or binder (warning – will break down in chlorine and sea water) underneath. Plus they come in long sleeve, short sleeve, tank top, tight, and loose. Finally, a commenter on said After Ellen post recommended a compression swim shirt that might be a great choice.

So what do you wear to swim?


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