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Summer Sandals
May 13, 2010, 9:43 am
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I love flip flops. I spend as much of the summer as humanly possible in them. Unfortunately, I just managed to break my favorite pair, so I’ve been shopping around for another and here are some of the best options I’ve found thus far. I have very wide feet, so I tend to wear men’s footwear, so I’ll start with a few in that category:

The Haight Ashbury is a great all-around sandal. They’re not too dressy that you would get laughed at wearing these to the beach, but you can also change into a nice pair of jeans and take your best beach buddy to a nice restaurant when the surfing’s done.

$50 from Sanuk


To be fair, I don’t make enough money to ever buy a $120 pair of sandals. But if I did, OluKai’s Mea Ola would be they. They’ve got gorgeous leather, beautiful stitching, and an awesome stylized octipus to top it off.

$120 from OluKai


The O’Neill Gyro (ie we’re running out of names for footwear) – just please don’t wear them with your plaid shorts. If they don’t match it will look stupid. If they match it will look stupid.

$35.50 from Zappos


Some color, courtesy of Sanuk’s Fraid Not to brighten up your spring. These would look lovely with a not-too-flashy pair of boardshorts or with those white chinos you’ve always wanted.

$37.95 from Zappos


And for those of you ladies with smaller or narrower feet or like smaller straps (but hate heels and other stupid crap on your sandals) here are a couple from the womens’ section:

Everyone knows that lesbians value function over form, right? Well, the Chaco Pro Flips have some of both – they’re made for raft guides with super durable soles, and they’re made not to fall off.

$60 from Chaco


I had the Reef Seaside sandal for a few years until I wore them into the ground. They’re not much to look at – simple and understated – but DAMN they are comfy.

$20 from Endless Shoes


For some reason, the ONeill Plush makes me want to go play golf. But then, you know what they say about the LPGA right? … No, geez. It’s a bunch of women who are damn good at golf.

$28 from Zappos


And finally the Paniolo, another entry in the makes-my-heart-stop leather category, this one with a thinner strap and some color.

$85 from OluKai


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