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Hallelujah, another butch blog!
May 1, 2010, 5:48 pm
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While performing my (generally entirely fruitless) search of the internet in regards to women who prefer dressing in a more masculine style, I came across DapperQ. It is fucking fabulous. It is full of things I wish I knew or I wish I could write about well enough to put ’em up here on Butch Style. The editor, Susan Herr, explains the blog this way

DapperQ is for anyone who wants to make any element of men’s fashion truly their own. It’s for all who have been discouraged — in a million and one subtle and not-so-subtle ways — from gleaning for self-expression from the rich and robust universe pioneered over centuries by dapper gents and today reflected in glossies such as GQ, Details and Vogue for Men.

It looks like it just got off the ground early this year, but it’s already got some interesting articles, great pictures, and fun how-tos. I’ll be going through it later in more detail and reposting my favorites, but I was so excited that I had to tell you about it right this very instant. And on that note …



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Thanks for this link. Delicious!

Comment by Lynne

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