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Clothing for Short Folks
May 28, 2010, 12:32 pm
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Hudson’s Guide has a really great section on finding shorter and smaller clothing. It’s written for FTM guys, but it’s also a great resource for women trying to find the perfect fit in mens’ clothing. Here’s an excerpt on fitting dress shirts:

Sizing in shirts
Most men’s shirts that are simply labeled “small” (but don’t necessarily have specific measurements listed on the package or label) usually are around the ballpark of a 14-14.5 inch collar, a 34-36 inch chest, and a “regular” sleeve length of 32-33 inches. “Short” sleeve lengths of 30-31 are sometimes available. Of course, the exact measurements of a men’s size “small” will vary among manufacturers– you might find that some brands of small are larger or cut differently than others.

Men’s dress shirts will be typically be sized with specific measurements for neck circumference and sleeve length, with the neck measurement listed first. The chest/waist size ratio of most dress shirts is determined by the manufacturer to be in proportion to the neck size. This can be a challenge in fitting for guys who are short and heavy. Dress shirts can be found in “regular” fit, as well as “athletic” or “trim” fit (with a slight taper toward the waist, for those with broader shoulders and a thin waistline) and “full cut” for those who need a little more room around the middle.

Getting the right fit
Keep in mind that some stores may have their own special fit charts and size tips. This is particularly good to check when shopping online or through catalogs. It’s always a good idea to consult sizing charts, ask questions if you are unsure, and find out the return policy in case something doesn’t fit as you hoped.

Clothes are designed with different cuts and styles that flatter some body types and not others– just because a shirt or pair of pants is made with your measurements doesn’t mean it is going to look good on you! Try clothes on to be sure. This is especially true if you are trying to find clothes to take emphasis away from wide hips or narrow shoulders. …

Finally, don’t forget the option of alterations by a tailor or by someone you know with sewing skills. If you are just a little shorter than the average sized pant length available in your area, pants can be easily hemmed to the correct length. Sleeves can also be shortened, though for a good dress shirt you might want to check a short man’s specialty store to obtain a better overall fit.

Go read the whole thing!


Bug Repellent Bars
May 27, 2010, 10:23 am
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I don’t know if these would actually work, but if they do they’d be a great summer buy. And I bet they smell better than can-o-bugspray.

$18 from Art in the Age

Butch Fashion Show!
May 25, 2010, 12:08 pm
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If you’re in the NYC area (I am not, sadly) Re/Dress NYC, a vintage plus-size clothing store in Brooklyn, is holding a butch fashion show tomorrow, May 26. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8 with dancing afterwords until 11. If anyone goes, I’d absolutely love some pics.

More info

One-A-Day Gummies
May 19, 2010, 8:41 am
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They make gummy vitamins for adults! Gummy vitamins! For adults!

$9.99 from Walgreens

May 17, 2010, 11:46 am
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This silkscreened t with a striking image of the French alps comes from 410BC, a lesbian owned and lesbian run clothing line based out of New York. Yay lesbians!

$26 from 410 BC

How To: Keep Your Polo Collar from Flopping Around
May 14, 2010, 9:55 am
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My polo shirt collars look like crap. They’re all curly and floppy because I buy cheap polos and I’ve never done anything to keep them otherwise. Here are the three solutions I’ve found to this problem:

1) Once you’ve washed your shirt either hang it up right away or throw it in the dryer for 5 or 10 minutes and then hang it up. When you hang it, smooth it out and make sure the collar is nice and flat. Once it dries, it should stay pointy. If this doesn’t work …

2) Iron it. Flip the collar up and spray either some starch (for a stiffer collar) or sizing (for a crisp but maleable collar), both of which you should be able to find and your local grocery or drug store. Then put a towel over the collar – you don’t want the iron directly on the shirt – and iron those points flat. Un-pop the collar and you’re set. Or …

3) Use a collar stay. Yes, there are a couple of companies that actually sell stick-on collar stays for polo shirts. I’d only recommend this if you wear your polos to work or you don’t mind people giggling about your dorky collar stays.

Summer Sandals
May 13, 2010, 9:43 am
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I love flip flops. I spend as much of the summer as humanly possible in them. Unfortunately, I just managed to break my favorite pair, so I’ve been shopping around for another and here are some of the best options I’ve found thus far. I have very wide feet, so I tend to wear men’s footwear, so I’ll start with a few in that category:

The Haight Ashbury is a great all-around sandal. They’re not too dressy that you would get laughed at wearing these to the beach, but you can also change into a nice pair of jeans and take your best beach buddy to a nice restaurant when the surfing’s done.

$50 from Sanuk


To be fair, I don’t make enough money to ever buy a $120 pair of sandals. But if I did, OluKai’s Mea Ola would be they. They’ve got gorgeous leather, beautiful stitching, and an awesome stylized octipus to top it off.

$120 from OluKai


The O’Neill Gyro (ie we’re running out of names for footwear) – just please don’t wear them with your plaid shorts. If they don’t match it will look stupid. If they match it will look stupid.

$35.50 from Zappos


Some color, courtesy of Sanuk’s Fraid Not to brighten up your spring. These would look lovely with a not-too-flashy pair of boardshorts or with those white chinos you’ve always wanted.

$37.95 from Zappos


And for those of you ladies with smaller or narrower feet or like smaller straps (but hate heels and other stupid crap on your sandals) here are a couple from the womens’ section:

Everyone knows that lesbians value function over form, right? Well, the Chaco Pro Flips have some of both – they’re made for raft guides with super durable soles, and they’re made not to fall off.

$60 from Chaco


I had the Reef Seaside sandal for a few years until I wore them into the ground. They’re not much to look at – simple and understated – but DAMN they are comfy.

$20 from Endless Shoes


For some reason, the ONeill Plush makes me want to go play golf. But then, you know what they say about the LPGA right? … No, geez. It’s a bunch of women who are damn good at golf.

$28 from Zappos


And finally the Paniolo, another entry in the makes-my-heart-stop leather category, this one with a thinner strap and some color.

$85 from OluKai