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Top 10 Summer Instructables
July 7, 2008, 11:58 pm
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I know – I’m getting the summer festivities off late. I think these are worth it. If you haven’t heard of Instructables, it’s basically a site where people who know how to do stuff teach you how to do the stuff. So read on to learn how to do something fun and summery.

Predict the Weather

Before you drive all the way to the beach, you need to know if it’s going to rain. As we all know, meteorologists can’t predict their way out of a paper bag (apologies to any meteorologists here, but you know it’s true). If you’re not outside too much you may not realize it, but you can actually predict the weather fairly accurately just by looking at the clouds. Unless you live in North Dakota where you go out jogging in great sunny weather and get chased home by lighning in driving rain.

Patch a Leaky Inner Tube/Air Mattress

There’s nothing worse than realizing that your camping mattress or inflatable tropical island somehow managed to spring a leak while it was sitting in the closet all winter. This one requires a few tools, but it’ll save you money in the long run.

Origami a Paper Frisbee

Speaking of toys, how about frisbees? I often find myself in the situation of having far too many frisbees and no one who really wants to play. If you’re in the opposite predicament – too many hippy friends and not a flying disk in sight – this one’s for you. As a bonus, make it out of razor-sharp metal and add it to your Xena costume.

Build a Fire Pit

It’s true – butches love building stuff. Well, here’s a small summer construction project for your back yard. It looks pretty easy – and the end product is really nice. Hell, I haven’t had dinner yet – even those hot dogs look great.

Make a Tiki Torch

Ok, maybe it’s just a torch. It’s cheap and simple, though – and you get to whip out the staple gun.

Fillet a Fish

I’m not a fishing nut, but I know plenty of people who are, and summer is certainly a good time for it. Whether you’re catching your own fish or buying ’em fresh, here’s a guide with really nice pictures to teach you what to do with it.

Smoke a Salmon on a Grill

After you fillet that fish, you’re going to have to do something with it. And smoked salmon is soooo good. (Insert joke about lesbians and fish here).

Hamster Ball Ice Cream Maker

How awesome is that? An ice cream maker in a hamster ball. It’s kinda like a little version of those big “camping ice cream maker” balls that they sell at REI, but smaller and much, much cheaper.

Open a Wine Bottle With a Knife

I know it’s happened to me. There’s wine to be drunk, but there isn’t a corkscrew in the house, and I have no idea where I put my Swiss army knife after that last camping trip. Usually my solution is to panic and claw at the cork with my bare fingers until someone realizes that we DO, in fact, have a corkscrew. Now, thank goodness, I’ll know what to do next time.

Make a Floating Oil Lamp

Finally, something romantic. You, too, can have a swimming pool full of little candles that looks really awesome until you get in and burn yourself. I know those little tea lights are really, really cheap, but these homemade ones apparently last a lot longer and may, in fact, be even cheaper.


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