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Butch Style: The Beginning
June 25, 2008, 1:46 am
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In my time on the web – including some intensive searching into the area – I’ve found very little about style written by or for butch dykes. Most of the information I’ve seen relies on style hints and tips aimed at straight men, and while we have at least one shared interest – women – it seems like it’s about time that we made our own way in the online fashion world.


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Thanks for helping us carve out our own niche. A friend and I wanted to start our own “for us by us” clothing line because it’s often a challenge to find men’s clothes that fit properly, and it’s even harder to find women’s clothes that are androgynous enough to pull off the polished, tailored look. Unfortunately, I barely know how to sew.
Perhaps you could write an article on finding a proper fit?
For example, dress shirts are a major issue. I’m not overweight, but I’m no beanpole either–I’m shaped like a woman. If I buy a men’s dress shirt that fits my upper body the right way, it doesn’t fit properly around my hips–in fact, it probably won’t even button. If I buy them to button around my hips, the rest of the shirt is way too baggy and appears to add about ten or twenty pounds. Women’s dress shirts are usually cut uber-feminine, with darts that emphasize the bust, half sleeves, and lengths too short to tuck in.
And don’t even get me started on dress pants.
Lots of dykes have these types of issues, especially those of us who need to look professional. Think you could help?

Comment by Kendra

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